The Wilson School of Design, Graphic Design for Marketing program presents: The Last Stop
"A four-year journey is coming to an end as the Wilson Express train arrives at ‘Industry,’ our most anticipated station. To celebrate our arrival, we will be leading a tour of 4 stations. Each stop will feature bites, brews, and a bit of branding. Come meet the interesting, odd, and eccentric 2022 GDMA Grads. Sample our work and meet the crew."

The Last Stop is based off of the idea of a traveling show.  It combines aspects of railroad travel and the unique talents of a group of circus folk aboard. Taking some circus references and infusing graphic design metaphors making the concept tailored to our skillset.  
Awards Received:
DesCan Salazar Awards, Branding category, 2022 
Applied Arts Entire Promotional Design Program, 2022
Instructor: John Belisle

Student Icons
I created a series of 20 icons, each one representing one of the graduating students. The students are portrayed as monsters because it plays up their 'freakish' talent, in an approachable way.   
Each one of the icons has a GIF, adding a level of motion to the campaign. 
Dark Blue: Pantone 303
Mid Teal: Pantone 3155
Light Teal: Pantone 7472
Orange: Pantone 1585
Yellow: Pantone 136
I created a series of illustrations that were used through out the campaign. The main one being the train full of students entering the whale representing the industry that's about to swallow us whole. 

Print Materials
Mitchell Press was the powerhouse behind all of our campaigns print materials. They printed the boarding pass, menu card, and goodie box that I designed. There were 60 sets of box/cards that were delivered to various industry professionals across the lower mainland. 

I made an introduction animation for the event using the illustrations I had made perviously for the print materials, and then adding a few more. This video was played at the very beggining of our grad show


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