I've been doodling since I could hold a pen. Illustration has always been something that grounds me. Over the years I've evolved some techniques beyond crayons and stick people. Enjoy!
Babbling with Miss Butternut about the great importance of urban trees
Is a children's book that I co-created with the author Sara McLean in the fall of 2022. The book follows Violet, a young girl living in a city through her recess conversations with her favourite tree- Miss Butternut. 
This book is meant to educate young learners (roughly ages 5-7) about all the wonders that trees are responsible for within a city, and inspire them to pay more attention to the natural environment around them. 

All proceeds recouped from the sale of this book were donated to an organisation based in Alberta providing outdoor education to elementary school students living in the city.
Platform 7 Coffee Packaging
This illustration was made for a packaging design/ identity project. As a business, Platform 7 is a coffee shop with 4 unique locations modelled after train stations. When creating their new identity, I wanted to play up this whole train concept incorporating train related language. The visuals help to solidify the union of coffee with the train. 
Client: Platform 7 Coffee
Project Type: Packaging
Instructor: John Belisle
Wilson School of Design, GDMA student feature illustrations
These illustrations were for a student feature book, published by the Wilson School of Design, and designed by John Belisle. This series of illustrations were representative of the evolution of students as they progress through the 4 year program.  You see them crawling through the doors on their first day, blooming from their chrysalis, soaring into full butterflies by the time they graduate.  
Client: Wilson School of Design
Creative Director: John Belisle 
Year: 2021
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