Folkhouse Cooperative Brewery
This project challenge was to develop an identity for a new cooperative brewery to the Vancouver area named Folkhouse. The brand is built on the passing of oral traditions within a democratic structure where sharing and listening are valued equally.  Folkhouse, believe it or not is also inspired by folklore. The raven is one of the few animals that consistently appears in almost every region of the world's lore. The logo combines both the culture of sharing stories, and the welcoming nature of the brewery that few dare to even call home. 
Type: Identity design
Instructor: David Young
Date: 03/2021
Elwood Mills Construction Services
The mark tells the story of one man, a few tools, a mission and some trees. This set of logos was created for a small construction services company on Gabriola Island. This vintage inspired identity pulls inspiration from the trade itself. Elwood Mills does plot prep services for residential developments, and hardscaping upgrades on the island. This small time company has big time energy. It's gritty, bold, and always gets the job done. 

Client: Elwood Mills
Date: 07/2021
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