Ella is a creative with an influence of marketing and design thinking. She's always had an affinity for illustration with an emphasis on storytelling and impact oriented design.
Design Recognition:
2021 - RGD Pivot Award for information Design (Epidemic of Apprehension)
2022 - Applied Arts Student Brand Identity Design Program (Dickie Dee)
2022 - Applied Arts Student Promotional Design Program (The Last Stop)
2022 - DesCan Salazar Award for Branding (The Last Stop)
2022 - DesCan Salazar Honourable Mention for Branding (Squamish) 
2022 - RGD Award for Retail Design (Dickie Dee) 
2022 - RGD Honourable Mention for Branding (Squamish) 

Some Companies She's Worked With:
Mountain Equipment Company
Persephone Brewing
The Flourist
Empower Through Music 
Cooperwilliams Truman LLP

Toolbox Design 
The Idea Partner 

Baaad Anna's Yarn Store​​​​​​​
I'll be in touch!
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