27.2 West of the Coast is an exhibit celebrating B.C.'s coastal creatures and ecosystems. 
B.C. has 27.2 million meters of vibrant coastline full of the most incredible life. This exhibit aims to shift people’s relationship to the ocean from distant one, to one they feel proud to protect. 

Instructor: John Belisle
Type: Environmental Graphics, Campaign

27.2 is a result of my deep love of the ocean, especially the Pacific, and months worth of research and iteration. I saw a space in Vancouver market for ocean education. 
Though the Vancouver Aquarium is amazing, there is still room in the local market for the appreciation of marine biodiversity around us. And let’s be real, there can never be too many opportunities for education. 
The real opportunity though, arises from the need for accessible outdoor exploration. From the perspective of tourists and young families who have limited time in their daily schedule, to anyone who may experience physical or emotional obstacles getting in the way of them poking around in tide pools. This exhibit aims to fill this gap of immersive learning. 

The real opportunity for this project arises from the need for accessible outdoor exploration.
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